Saturday, February 18, 2012

Introducing My Own Yarn!

Look what I have!
Here's my long awaited dream that has come true! A yarn made from organic baby Kainuu Grey finnsheep wool that my friend Susanna Kääriäinen has selected from sheep farms and that has been spun in a Finnish spinnery for us. How cool is that!

I am selling this special yarn in my Etsy shop Woolgrey. It call it "Alku" which is a Finnish word for "Beginning". And yes, I have designed the label myself and it's based on one of my doodles.

Here you can see how the swatch looks like. The tension is 22 stitches with 3,5 mm needles.

I have been having fun handpainting the yarn. You can see more at my shop but here are few samples.




I love the natural white too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's day! I have sent few fabric designs for printing. This is one of those. I am hoping to see the real fabrics within week or two!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Emerald and Bigger Prints

Emerald, original collage available at Etsy

When I make expressive art like this work I often start with an emotion. It is a certain feeling I have an idea of and often connected to a very precise hue of color. I had the idea for Emerald for weeks but was able to make only small components due to the lack of time. Now I finally painted the background, made the detailed drawings on it and assembled the elements I had made earlier.

This work is about inner power and going one's own way. There's some selfishness, some stubbornness and an introvert attitude. But it is not all negative energy. I think that sometimes it is needed to get back on track. I am interested to know, what does this work speak to you?

I have been getting enquiries of how to buy prints of my art with bigger size than what's available on my Etsy store. You can now buy some of my art from DeviantArt store, sizes and products of each artwork vary a bit but there are large prints, mousemats, coasters etc.

Thank you for your support and lovely messages I receive every day! It feels super great and keeps me going!