Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to keep up?

During this year I have received several requests to send an email after I have listed new items at my store. I gladly send these emails! Over the months it has become clear to me that people who like to follow what I do and when I list my next folk bags should be able to subscribe these emails more freely. So I have set up a new service: Kukkilintu Moments email newsletter. You can subscribe and unsubscribe it whenever you want. I will post a short email after I list folk bags to my store or release new products. I will also include some personal touch in every newsletter. I excited about this! Feel free to subscribe Kukkilintu Moments!
I have a few new folk bags under work, here's a sneak peek of one of them!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cards Are Here and About Sirkka Bag

I have my first set of cards printed out. The next ones are already being designed. These all are made to go with my folk bags and the colorful world I love and adore. I was a bit puzzled of how to sell the cards. I made mixed sets for Kukkilintu store but if you miss a certain combination, leave me a convo and I will list it for you.
I also made some Moo cards. I will include a Moo card for the next orders at Kukkilintu. Aren't they just so wonderfully rich and colorful!
In my last post I promised to write more about a very special bag I made during the spring. It was a custom order folk bag whose owner just loves Sirkka Könönen, a Finnish textile designer. Well, I am Sirkka's fans too so the project was not only challenging but very interesting! I started with the collage of Sirkka's work, then picked the colors and designed the motif. I started thinking about cranberries and cloudberries. My father used to pick these berries. One morning he left early to pick some cranberries and came back before dinner. My mother made a desert from the berries and said to me that “this desert could be served in the finest restaurants”. She appreciated the cranberries so much.
When constructing the bag I thought how memories and stories are so important in everything I make. My concept of living is a "Knit your story" thing. My inner critic has a strong, powerful voice, but it is silenced by the stories. There cannot be anything wrong in storytelling. It is so hard work to try to be a better designer and I am afraid I never will be good enough. But whatever happens, the power of stories always surprises me and makes me forget all the possibilities I might never get. Everything is possible in my imaginary world! I wish I can give a glimpse of it for you via this blog!
More photos of Sirkka at my Flickr site.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Using Predefined Colors

Here's a layout I made using the colors given in Scrap Camp pre-class assignment. This is about my dogs and how they have to wait for us to come home, get fed and taken out for a walk. It is heart-breaking to leave them every morning when going to work!

Tein tämän sivun Scrap Camp -kurssin ennakkotehtävänä. Siinä piti skräpätä käyttäen annettuja värejä. Värit oli valittu alla olevasta kuvasta ja annettu väriruutuina.

Here's the given predefined color palette, inspired by the picture.

I have to mention that as I love animals, I love Basic Grey's new line Max & Whiskers. Finally something really appropriate for the layouts about animals. Love, love love it!

Eläinrakkaiden skräppialbumeihin sopii hyvin Basic Greyn uusi Max & Whiskers. Suomessa sitä saa ainakin Paperikierteestä. Aivan ihana minusta! Naiivi, mutta en mahda mitään, että vetoaa minuun ja sopii niin hyvin eläinaiheisiin sivuihin (joita minulla on lukuisia ja joita tulee vielä lukuisia).

Using Cake Paper and Two Languages

As I have both english and finnish speaking readers I have decided to change this blog bilingual. My aim is not to translate every word but include both english and finnish in every post now on. Feel free to leave comment in either of the two languages.

Koska blogillani on myös suomenkielisiä lukijoita, kirjoitan vastedes osan merkinnöistäni suomeksi. En käännä sanasta sanaan, vaan kirjoittelen vapaasti. Kommentoida voi molemmilla kielillä.
Here's a layout which I made for this week's Inspiroidu scrapbooking challenge. The challenge was to use any stuff found in kitchen. I immediately knew I had to use this cake paper as I had just read instructions from May Flaum how to use die cut circles for a page. She advised to cut them in two pieces and use the other one for the photo and the other for the journaling. This page is about my african violets!

Osallistun tämän viikon Inspiroidu-haasteeseen tällä sivulla, jossa esittelen saint paulia -innostustani. Sain idean käyttää kakkupapereita May Flaumin ohjeesta, jossa hän neuvoi halkaisemaan ympyrän muotoisen skräppipaperin ja sijoittamaan tekstin toiseen ja kuvan toiseen puoliskoon.

Speaking of May Flaum I will be attending her scrapbooking class called Scrap Camp at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have very high expectations as I was so pleased with my previous class, Textuality by Amy Sorensen.

Olen ilmoittautunut May Flaumin pitämälle verkkokurssille, jonka nimi on Scrap Camp. Sen järjestää Big Picture Scrapbooking ja odotukset on aika korkealla. Osallistuin keväällä Amy Sorensenin Textuality -kurssille ja se oli aivan huippu. Voin melkein lajitella tekemäni sivut kurssia ennen tehtyihin ja kurssin jälkeisiin.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My First Teddy Bear

I am taking part of this week's Inspiroidu scrapbooking challenge with a layout made today. The theme of the challenge is toys and it immediately brought my old teddy bear to my mind. I found an old photo of me holding him and asked my husband to take a photo of us today. We have both got older but our spirit has stayed the same! The hanging teddy bear is to remind me of the evening when I had eaten too much berries and accidentally vomited on him. My mother put him to the washing machine and hanged him outside to dry.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome Summer, Welcome New Products and Gardening!

First, I want to thank you all for so many wonderful messages I have received in May. It means a lot to me that there are people in the world who share the colorful world of Kukkilintu. In the picture you can see few of my latest folk bags and also a couple of my mixed media art work. I will have few greeting cards printed from these in the summer and they will be available for purchase at Kukkilintu store.
I had some stomach aches in May and was examined carefully. Luckily they were just untypical symptoms of appendicitis and I was operated. Before I knew the relieving results (yes, going to a surgery can be relieving!), I only had one regret in life: not putting enough effort on gardening. So I had to make this cabbage themed folk bag for all the gardeners!
I also have finished the folk bag I told you in my last post. It was the one inspired by the finnish textile artist Sirkka Könönen. That was a very special project for me and I will tell more about it in my next blog post in the coming weeks.