Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have had a long Christmas holiday from my day job and I have enjoyed my life tremendously with all kinds of creative activities.

First, I am so inspired by the old plates and bowls. Just went to see Arabia's 135-anniversary exhibition in Design Museum at Helsinki. Arabia is a Finnish porcelain factory and all Finnish have their kitchens filled with their cups and plates. I had to knit something after the exhibition, time will tell how it'll turn out eventually!

Second, I have designed my first fabric prints and sent them to Spoonflower. I am so excited to see how they'll turn out! If they'll look terrible, I have promised myself to try again, as I am so excited by the idea of designing fabric!

Third, I have bought a new camera, Canon EOS 450 with all the bits and pieces, and am just thrilled playing with it!

Fourth, I have millions of ideas for my knits, can't wait to get them all out. My newest bag is so romantic, you have to check it out!

I hope all of you most happiest new year ever!


  1. we are together on European street team...I want to see your blog and say ciao!

  2. OMG, I bet the Arabia exhibition was fabulous ... I'm so jealous! I always admired the plates etc but somehow never bought any, sigh.

    Congrats on your fabric line -- look forward to seeing it!! What fun you must have had@

  3. Gufobardo, thank you for your greetings. Your blog looks fabulous!

    MaryJoO, I have just received the fabrics and it is all very exciting. I will post the photos in the weekend when I can photograph in the daylight!


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