Sunday, July 19, 2009


My newest folk bag is called Joy. It has been such a joyful summer! The garden has grown beautifully. I have felt relaxed and happy. In crafts, I have a lot of ideas of what to make and how.

I have found an Etsy seller that has beautifully dyed yarn: Hedgehogfibers. Check out her blog too: Fly along. Some might find her tones a bit melancholic but I absolutely adore them!


  1. Hello Paivi,

    I corresponded with you a few months ago regarding your beautiful work. Today I thought I would take a peek at your blog and WOW!!!! another fantastic pattern. I LOVE "Joy". What a beautiful bag. Your work is just stunning. I am inspired to move beyond my socks and start a purse/bag. Again, I love your patterns and your work.

    barb in Michigan, USA


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