Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Starting with Tea

A page for the deco booklet "Tea".

I became so inspired by scrapbookers' blogs that I wanted to join the papercrafting community by starting the blog of my own. I am more of a deco swapper than scrapbooker but I think we have a lot in common. The major differences are that my pages are usually smaller, post card size and I do not always use photographs.

The name of this blog originates from my other hobbies. I love peonies and enjoy gardening. I also have pets, including two budgies. Some may also find resemblance to my other blog, Kukkilintu, where "kukki" is very similar to a finnish word "flower" and "lintu" is a finnish word for "bird".


  1. Hi, what a lovely work! I want to start scrapbooking too, but maybe I need to surf abit on materials and the book to use. =)


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