Sunday, October 25, 2009

Long Ago And Far Away

Mixed media collage "I am here at last"

Here's my entry for the week's Three Muses Challenge, themed "Long Ago And Far Away".

I started with my husband's photograph, taken at Barcelona in Sagrada Familia last summer. Then I picked one of the prints I have got with Somerset Studio magazine. I worked several layers using stamps, acrylics, patterned papers etc. I also attached two self made polymer clay buttons. I love using my horrible polymer clay buttons as they are not symmetric, nor pretty but blend so well in everything I make.

For me, my life has been "I am here at last" for the last years. I have been able to do so much what I really love: be creative, achieve the things I value the most. I am very grateful for that.


  1. This is wonderful- I love how you made this and what it represents; little bits from your own life- beautiful collage!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the process of creation of this wonderful piece. It makes it so much more special. I love your use of color, and the use of the polymer beads is so clever. I enjoy playing with polymer, and have some "reject" beads you've given me an idea how to use!

  3. Paivi, this is an exquisite piece, made so much more enjoyable by being able to read about the process you went through to achieve the final result. Fantastic! I agree with Bev that the polymer beads are a wonderful addition to the picture. Thanks so much for joining in the challenge.


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