Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sometimes I feel that the form is overrated in design. I see white objects everywhere. I think we Finnish are obsessed in white. I am not a big fan of whites, and really, if you examine colors, it's like the whole world could be expressed with color only.

My starting points were the iris flowers from my garden, a dark blue belt from my sister's winter coat and pale blue baby merino yarn I had bought from the sale. My intention is to knit a hood for my sister.
Another project on the go is to hand spin yarn for a lace scarf. My color scheme is inspired by Nepal. I have dyed four lots using the same theme but different colorways. Here's the third lot.

I hope the yarn will be lovely. The singles look very pleasing!


  1. Hi Päivi!
    Found your Etsy shop via a Blythe Forum. So happy to fins a fellow Scandinavian who loves Blythe! My name is Lina and I am in and from Sweden (talar du svenska?).
    You make such beautiful things! I love knitting too and all other forms of textile crafts, like needlefelting, embroidery and crochet. LOVE yarn and yours´ looks so beautiful! Spinning seems like a lot of fun! Anyway, nice to have found your shop and your blog. I will open an Etsy shop too soon. I have a Swedish blog you can visit. It´s mostly on writing (my other passion) but will feature my crafts as well shortly.
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    /Lina in Sweden

  2. Lina, thank you for your lovely comments. Jag förstår svenska ganska bra. Jag har lärt det på skolan.


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