Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back to Traditions

Here's my latest custom order, a cardigan for an american girl doll. I have been thinking of knitting in a new level lately, thinking about what kind of fascinating objects can be manufactured by knitting. And at the same time, I am feeling tired of always trying to find new perspectives and new solutions. This must have something to do with my day job where I design services and develop concepts behind them - full time problem solving that is.

Sometimes it is good to take a step back. In this cardigan my goal was to develop something very traditional and Scandinavian in a new way. It is called winter storm and I tried to create a scenery of a little village surrounded by a snow storm.

Talking about problem solving, this cardigan really required constant calculation of stitches and patterns. I am pleased with the result, but now I really need to start one project that is totally mindless. It is like taking 20 steps back to have that relaxed feeling about knitting again!


  1. hanuus mitä sinulla olikaan täällä - pitkästä aikaa tulin kurkistamaan. Onko noi sinun pikkupussukat neulottu/virkattu? oletko tehnyt kinnasneulapussukoita?

  2. Maahiska, pikkupussukoissa on yhdistetty virkkausta, neulontaa ja kangasta. Joskus myös nauhoja ja kirjontaa. En ole tehnyt koskaan mitään kinnasneulatekniikalla, mutta joskus olisi kiva kokeilla! --- My folk bags combine knitting, crocehting and fabrics. Sometimes I also use ribbons and hand embroidery. Maahiska asked if I had ever done anything with nalbindin. No I have not but it would be interesting to learn. More information about this technique

  3. Joskus tuntuu hyvältä olla hidas. Tehokkuus on liiaksi itseisarvo.
    Tykkään sun väreistäsi tosi paljon!

  4. Juuli,näin on, ihan hyvä edetä harkiten välillä. Kiva, että tykkäät samoista väreistä! --- Sometimes making things slowly feels really good. Thanks for compliments on colors!


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