Monday, December 13, 2010

Playing With Decos

Here's a couple of recent pages I have made for decos. Decos are handmade booklets that circle from one person to another and everyone decorates one page. When all the pages have been decorated the deco is sent to the person it is made for. Think about tens, even hundreds of decos with different themes waiting for you to decorate a page and send it forward. How crazy is that?!

Pretty crazy, with very little purpose, but I still love that hobby! Would I never make a collage of vintage boat trip or strange nature phenomenon? Without decos, probably not. Decos stretch imagination and help finding personal style. It is also interesting to see what other signers have created with the theme. Deco swappers appreciate the solitude spent with decos but at the same time they appreciate the network among similar people.

When I make decos I enter the imaginary world where anything is possible. Can't think a better way to relax!


  1. I hadn't heard of this before. It sounds like fun but a lot of work too! I like the one you are showing with the tarot cards.

  2. I love your deco entries! They are so colourful and really inspiring!

  3. Jessica, decos do take a lot of time if you swap often. But my sister swaps only few at the time and that's possible too.

    Thank you both Jessica and Martina, for commenting my deco entries!

  4. I haven't heard about these before but what a beautiful book in your picture. Very cool!


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