Friday, February 11, 2011

Playing With Faces

As mentioned in the January blog post, I am attending Traci Bautista's FASHIONISTA! art course and here's the exercise where we draw the fashionable face with markers.

I try not to take the course very seriously but just enjoy and play with pens and paints. This reminds me of my childhood. When I was a child I used to draw hundreds of faces and give them names and families. It was a bit like playing with paper dolls. I could entertain myself for hours. Well, I still can spend hours and hours drawing this and that, so no change there!


  1. She is Fabulous! As always I love your art! I was so disapointed that Traci hadn't advertised the class sooner 'cuz I had already signed up for others and I wanted so badly to take Fashionista. I am glad you are having fun with it. Share some more please. LOL!

  2. Paivi...your faces are LOVELY. I enjoy seeing all your artwork..thanks for sharing. I also read your post about your beloved thoughts and hugs go out to you. I know how hard it is...remember all the fun times with Toni. xo~Traci

    btw..@Jessica..there are lots of photos in the galleries in my online workshop site. :)

  3. Hi Paivi - I saw you charity sweaters on Flickr and wondered if you would be willing to sell me your pattern? I have a 5 year old girl from Ethiopia and am a knitter. I would love to make one for her. She really liked the brown and white one in your photos.

    my email:

  4. Nancy and others that might be interested in knitting Ethiopian charity sweaters.

    There are free english instructions at


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