Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decos and flowers

I have a hobby that I have discovered just few years ago. I swap small booklets called decos. Each deco has a theme - like "birds". Each person decorates one page of a booklet according to the theme. When a page has been decorated the person sends it to one of their swapping pals. When each page has been decorated, the last person sends the deco to the address marked on it.

It is so much fun to decorate the pages and see the pages others have been filled. I have learned a lot about different countries (a very popular theme), styles and history. It is also very creative to make these little collages. I find it very relaxing too.

Making collages and knitting are surprisingly close. At least when I am tempted to combine materials in my textile work. This happens pretty often!

These pictures show them again: flowers. I know that flowers are so old school. But what can I do about it. I just love filling spaces and there's not much better than flowers.

I am attending to a course where we design a mobile phone holder for a car. Oh my!

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