Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ornamental home

Here's a sample of one of the pouches I am working on at the moment. It shows so well how color freak I am. One shade of yellow just is not enough! And I have always loved the combination of pink and red even if some find it disturbing.

I read two interesting articles today. First was: Kenzo is opening a store in Helsinki! I am excited! I love Kenzo's products, especially jewellery which has been available in Finland for few years, but I also like Kenzo's textiles and porcelain. I find Kenzo so inspiring because the products combine east and west, old and modern and they never give a dull picture of life.

If you are not familiar wih Kenzo, read a short summary of the founder Kenzo Takada from Wikipedia or go to see Kenzo's products on their web site.

The second article that I read today was about a finnish architect called Jan-Erik Andersson. He is not only a refreshingly different than architects in general but also a big fan of ornaments. "Symbols are needed to remind that people are dependent on the nature" he says in the article. He is currently building his own dream house called Life on a Leaf, which is filled with details and ornaments.

I live in an ordinary finnish row house and dream of a home that would have details and character. But even if I cannot change the way our home looks outside, the interiors of my home are lovingly designed by me and my husband. As you could probably imagine, my home is filled with ornaments of all kinds and I am planning to add pictures of them to my blog posts.

Here's one, a lamp bought from an antique store many years ago. This lamp is located in a corner of our bedroom. It is not only an ornamental object itself but also creates ornaments on the wall when turned on. Needless to say, I adore it!


  1. This ornament is so awesome! I love such things as well. I'm glad you are writing your blog posts in English now. :o)

  2. Thank you Monika! I am happy to have soul mates in the knitting world!


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