Sunday, April 18, 2010

Doodling, sewing and photographing

The front page of the deco "Flower Doodles".

I have been doodling a lot lately. It seems that the more I make drawings at my day job, the more I want to grab the pen on my spare time too.

A Greeting Card.

I have also been really excited about using little pieces of paper for paper patchwork. In this card I have combined both doodling and patchwork. It is so much fun to "sew" with the pen!

A page for the Free Expression deco.

Third thing that I am so into right now is photographing. I am currently attending an online photographing course called Picture Spring. Taking photos each day is a good way to study light and it really has had an impact on my collage work as well. The course lasts the whole April and if you want to follow my shoots, bookmark my Picture Spring folder at Flickr.

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