Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Text, Photos and Scrapping

A scrapbook page "April in Pictures".

In April I participated Picture Spring course organized by Big Picture Scrapbooking. I think it was more about stretching the creativity by completing the assignments than really learning about photography. I do not recommend this kind of course for someone who does not know much about how to adjust the camera as the course was merely a daily challenge than anything educational. Luckily I was familiar with all the basic settings of my SLR camera so that was not a big problem for me. And, I got few really nice photos during April and I am pretty pleased with the result. I really put a lot of effort for taking photos and shoot thousands of photos (really!) during April. My daily picks can be found in my Flickr folder.

Now I am taking part of another course, Textuality. It focuses on writing and is just wonderful. Very educational and full of instructions and examples. Here's one of the exercises I have completed, it's about our kitchen and it is filled with text! The photo has been taken in April - I have so much photos now to use on the layouts!

A scrapbook page "Our Kitchen and How We Would Change It"

I especially like the colors of this layout.

I am taking part of this week's Inspiroidu challenge with these two layouts as I also made them to match this week's theme: using a big alpahabet in the beginning of the title.

A scrapbook page "Why I Love Peonies".

Above is the first layout I made for Textuality - and a bit of the mess I make when I scrap! I have always enjoyed writing but have not really realized the opportunities to use a lot of journaling for scrapping. I intend to improve my layouts not only by taking better photos but also by adding more text and meaning for them.

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