Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ink Love

I have written about inks and how I love them. This time I want analyze why I am so into using them. The reason is my love for glassware.

I just adore colorful glass. In Finland we have, and have had many great designers for glassware. Nanny Still, for example. And they are not all that expensive! Even everyday glass in Finland is just wonderful, I think.

If inks could turn into some material, they would be either silk or glass. I use two kinds of inks at the moment. The first is Windsor & Newton drawing ink and the second is Tim Holtz's alcohol ink. They are a bit different, the first one not being so high in intensity but I love them both. Windsor & Newton are better than watercolors. They blend nicely and they maintain their intensity even when mixing some water. The alcohol inks are more like power drops, thicker glass!

Last time when shopping inks I was following the other customers. They were looking at papers, paints, whatever, but nobody else was near the ink shelf. I felt like they were in the flea market missing the real find! "These inks are the best you can buy here", I was almost about to whisper to them! But did not, of course. It would have been crazy act, at least in Finland were everybody is so calm, cool and collected, even when shopping at the art department!


  1. Thank you for sharing this information. It is always good, to hear from other artists up on how they use different mediums & which are their favorite. The illustration is beautiful too! :]

  2. I love your painted doodles, they are so pretty and look fun.

    1. Thank you! Welcome to follow my blog at the new address!


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