Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scrap Picture Inspiration

I love scrap pictures. They have the exact nostalgia that really touches me. In these cards I combined them with my doodling and the result is overly romantic, I think, but I actually like it that way. There are people who want to express their deepest pains and the state of the society with their art. I respect that and believe that's what art really should do.

In a way, I want to express high emotions too, only in a different way. I love fashion and esthetics, the old time beauty and how it's based on ornaments. I do not think the beauty is the opposite of pain. Generations after generations people have made they way to lift spirits and touch deep by making beautiful things. I believe you can go deep whatever your style is. That's my goal anyway.


  1. your cards are so beautiful and your words are inspiring. Glad I found you, today as I'm needing some inspiration. Check out this site because I think you should be a designer there...I am just starting to send in my designs but they are not up yet as they have to be approved. Hopefully, I'll be sharing my ideas with you soon! Brightest Blessings! Shell Harris

  2. Hi Shell, thank you so much for your comment! The site you referred to is very interesting, I really have to check it out more thoroughly. Good luck for getting approved!!

  3. Paivi, Your cards are gorgeous!!!

  4. These cards are gorgeous and made me smile.


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