Friday, May 27, 2011

The Biggest Challenge in Any Art

I have started to believe this: the biggest challenge in making art is to relax and let go. No need for stiff lines or regular shapes. That's my rule anyway.

Today I was not feeling relaxed at all. So I created a mental wall, trying to assure it's safe to doodle whatever comes to my mind. I think the protective attitude shows in the result but it does not really bother me too much.

When making these collages, I try to be quick and not to calculate too much. I love fast strokes as they leave no time for consideration. Lately I have started to concentrate more on the intuitivity of the process than the plan that I am going to accomplish. It gives me so much pleasure when I am not analyzing every move.

I have noticed that art journaling is becoming more and more popular. No wonder. It is something not to be taken too serious. And what I have seen, people are often more successful in their fast made sketched pages than in their really serious canvas paintings. It is a bit ironic sometimes but that is art: relax and let go!


  1. I think this page is gorgeous. I love everything about it!

  2. lovely page...i see an undersea fantasy in it.

  3. This is a beautiful work of art... WOW!
    Glad I stopped by for a visit. :]


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