Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Is Valuable?

My answer is: Little things with big stories.

A tiny piece of hand decorated paper. How long have I practiced to achieve it - tens of years! It seems ridiculous but it represents a lot to me.

Plain wool. Some might think it's nothing. But this wool is really big for me.

My friend has bought it raw from the area where I lived as a child. She has spent months and months learning how to find and pick the right kind of wool, how to process it and find people who can do it in bigger portions. We have shared hours and hours around this wool, learning its qualities.

And yes, small thinks can grow bigger.

I got this fleece from my friend. It's grey finn sheep, Kainuun harmas, wool, processed for spinning or felting.

In the near future you might find a small portion of my friends fleeces available at my Etsy store.

If you are interested in yarn instead, well there are plans for that too. Dyed fiber or yarn? Planning ...

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  1. I too am a spinner and I loved the Finn I have spun. No one around here has any of the breed. I raise Shetlands but most fleeces locally are Targhee, Romney, Corriedale, Lincoln, Columbia, but alas no Finn. What are you planning to make with the fleece?


  2. Kate, thanks for your comment! Kainuun harmas / grey finn sheep is a very rare breed even in Finland. It's wool is either silvery grey, dark brown or white. I am planning to spin yarn from the fleece but I do not have a special project yet. Maybe it will just be the gem in my stash!

  3. Yes... the little things in life, make all the difference!
    Priceless stories... what a treasure. Thank you for sharing. :]


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