Monday, June 13, 2011

Your Style Is My Style

Another home assignment for Composition for Collage course. The idea of trying to use the downloads provided, felt terrible at first. Not my style, period. That's too mildly put. I actually hate most of the pictures I have downloaded. And the recommendations of using the white space - those are the worst.

Last week was pure agony. This week my thoughts have began to change. I actually enjoyed making this collage, with white space and all.

We people truly are quite flexible beings once we get out of the personal fixations. There's so much we can be and so many different things we can create. It would be silly just to draw similar lines or circles day after day. And it is not too adventurous to leave that white space. Sometimes, at least!


  1. This is really creative!
    Yes, collage work can get addicting... love it :]


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