Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to Colorful and Complicated

This is my last assignment for the Composition for Collage course. It's a collage, mostly built around one small picture. The colors here can be a bit overwhelming but after those black and white ones I have made lately, I could not resist using really vivid colors.

There's so much going on in this work. It's like my head at the moment. Ideas after ideas. What I really want to do next is something pretty graphic. Like this one, maybe you recognize that I have used pieces of this in the collage.

This is an old background where I have changed the colors with Photoshop. And it looks very much like Marimekko, so Finnish, I think. My intention is not really imitate anything. I just want to play and doodle and encourage others do the same. Have fun and see what the result will be.

Before my designer studies I always questioned what I created. I thought that studying will teach me question even more. However I work now much more intuitively and freely. And especially recently I have really started to leave behind my inner critic. Life is so full of things, there's room for everybody. Why not draw what comes naturally, and enjoy the process!

My final thought's about the collage course: I really loved it's clear structure (one type of composition each week) and especially the teacher's comments. The teacher, Claudine Hellmuth, commented each work uploaded in the gallery. I think that's exceptional and very educational too!


  1. Wonderful colors, and I love your work!!

  2. WOW!
    Fantastic artwork.
    Thank you for sharing your talents :]


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