Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Never Not Doodling!

I am participating this week's Get Inspired scrapbooking challenge with this layout. It has my budgie's childhood photos. The first two of them has been taken by her breeder Annica Haga. This is a digital layout and most of the elements are from Michelle Underwood's Wild Hearts kit.

What I really like in digital layouts is adding some doodling with the pen tablet. I have Wacom Intuos 4 in medium size. I have used it for the title. The digital page looks so much more personal when some hand writing or hand doodling has been added on it.

Talking about hand doodling, I have spent some non-digital quality time too. Here are the papers I decorated yesterday. The blue one is my favorite. They are for sale as a set in my Etsy shop. Check them if you are interested adding some wild stuff for your art journal, cards or what ever you like to craft from paper.


  1. Your papers are so beautiful: color, hope, energy!

  2. wow! your papers are fabulous!!

  3. Oh my... sooooo pretty!
    Thank you for sharing your talents :]

  4. Thanks, Valerie, Janet and April! Glad you like the colors!

  5. These papers are gorgeous! Wonderful colors and full of movement!


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