Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quilting with Pen and Paper

Have you ever heard of swapping deco squares? They are 4 by 4 inches squares that you decorate and send to your partner. This was my first. The given theme was "Playing with inks" and as I love inks I just had to participate.

The square shape made me think about quilting. I used to be a passionate quilter some years ago. I still like it but do not dedicate that much time for it anymore. But I love sewing with my pen, adding small stitches and lines, combining paper like fabric pieces.

Here's a sample of my quilting on fabric. Just a small potholder but I even named it. It's called "Childhood" and it really reminds me of my Karelian origin and my childhood home in the 70s. This one was given to my sister and she luckily liked it too!


  1. What a wonderful deco square!
    Just love all the colors & doodling, you got going on here.
    Fabulous talent :]


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