Friday, August 19, 2011

Two of Everything

Whatever I do, I always end up dividing myself in two. There's the logical side and the emotional side. There's the perfectionist and the one who really does not care. In crafts I have two passions: paper and fiber.

I made these tags for Lain Ehmann's ScrapHappy community tag swap. I opened my little treasure box of papers and dived in into the world of scraps and doodles. And inks. And strong colors. But when the tags were finished they seemed missing something. I finally got it: the string! Rushing to my stash of handspun wool, I grabbed some. Luckily I have the same taste of color with my knitting!

Fiber is like water, the world could not exist without. That's why I could not resist when my old schoolfriend Susanna brought some from our childhood area. It's been more than a year and we've played with it, carded it and spun it. Finally we were able to make it in bigger portions so that also you can enjoy it. Check out my new Etsy shop Woolgrey for organic wool and handspun yarns.

There will be new products soon at Peony and Parakeet too. And this blog continues to be a hub of everything that I make, either with paper or fiber. Thanks for following me!


  1. Oh my... these are fantastic tags!
    So colorful and loads of doodling, LOVE IT :]
    What a sweet smile you have, great photo of you.
    Take care <3

  2. These tags are lovely! They are smiling like you in the picture!

  3. Wow Lady, you are mult-talented. Look at all you create. Beautiful use of color in everything.

  4. Thanks April, Valerie and That Girl!! Color is my passion!


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