Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jewel Tones

I have been doodling rugs recently. The woolly texture of them is very appealing so I find it fun to try to make illustrations that imitate them. This one had colors that I really like so I repeated them on wool too.

Here's the first set of wool that I dyed. (Available at Etsy)

And here's the second one. (Also available at Etsy)

These jewel tones get me in a good mood, hopefully you too! Colorful day!


  1. ooh pretty. Ive been making messes in paint this weekend too. Its nice therapy. Keep up the beautiful work.

  2. These wools are gorgeous . I found ypur blog because someone pinned ypur paper flowers on pinterest. Your patterened papers are so full of color and life! You are most creative. xox Corrine

  3. Thanks, Anna ja Corrine! Anna, I also LOVE painting with intuition, not thinking too much, it is so relaxing! Corrine, I am glad you like my papers!


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