Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ornaments All Over The Place

The Rise of Ornaments

I have been making this collage piece by piece and it's finally finished. What can I say, I am hooked in ornaments of all kinds and new ones burst from my mind every day.

My next goal is to design a new line of fabrics. I have prepared for it by signing up Rachael Taylor's pattern design course. I hope that the course will keep me motivated to do the task! Not that it's unpleasant one, but even if I love designing patterns, it is also hard work and requires a lot of thinking.

I have got a lot of new visitors this month. Thank you! It means a lot to me to share all this with you!


  1. Beautiful as always. I am in love with all of your patterned papers and have been making my own all week. My mom and my two daughters (ages 4 and 8) and I all had a decorative paper making playdate together last week!! It was so fun : )

    I've pinned several of your designs on Pinterest and shared you with my facebook fans! Thanks for being one of my new favorite artist blogs!

    pink and green mama

  2. Hi, I just discovered your blog via the Surface Pattern Flickr Group. Your work and blog are beautiful! I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing your work in the blog world! Have a great day~~ Sherri B.

  3. Thanks all! These comments make me so happy!! MaryLea, love your story about making papers together, it sounds so great!


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