Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pretty Art Journaling

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I have started to wonder: is there only one style in art journaling? Is it only for those who are ready to explore with paint and who are not afraid of getting messy. And scrapbooking: is it about using commercial products and aiming for pretty pages?

Can't there be pretty art journaling?

I bought this pink Smash book some time ago. The pages were so pretty I could not put any mess over them. And my style of making scrapbooks was not suitable for them either. But after getting fed up with messy mixed media, I dared to open it and just make it pretty!

So why not glue all the pretty stuff to your art journal? Add lace and frills and anything you find beautiful!

I added both commercial products and my own handdecorated papers to the page. Even my handwriting is a bit more controlled than how I usually write.

Happy journaling!


  1. I like this VERY MUCH!
    As a mixed media artist, I'm so sick of seeing art journals that all look alike and mostly look like a two year old cut loose with markers and paint.
    Who wrote that art journals had to be a mess??? (and some flat out ugly...)
    Love the details in the pages you shared~~maybe you can start a trend!


    1. Anne........ I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I agree with you!

  2. Lovely. I agree. I have seen too many journals that are slapdash and thrown together. Thanks for sharing your journal page.

  3. I agree that there seems to be a great deal of similarity with some of the journals I have seen featured. It's nice when a person can find their own voice amidst all of the wonderful techniques that are being shared out there. When I was just in India I ended up by several dozen packets of stick- on bindis from a street vendor, I think they would go perfectly in a journal like yours.
    xoxo Kim

  4. I don't think you should be limited to messy - if your style is having pretty think to look at, then work your magic that way! I like it! {:-Deb

  5. I have been writing for years about how a make an artwork scrapbook with my artwork, not of the commercial stickers and cut outs that are the most popular. I think it is more meaningful when you create the design for a scrapbook, and do so on a budget. I like your journal by the way.

  6. I think a journal can be whatever you want and look however you want - the point is for it to be about you and your style! So keep on!

  7. Wow, I am so happy to receive this many comments on the post! I am now convinced that pretty is allowed in art journaling! Thanks all!!

  8. There needs to be a big LIKE button here on this post for your beautiful journal page.

  9. Very pretty! Art journals can be anything you want it to be. Everyone has a style and yours is pretty! I like it!

  10. Love your pages! Thanks for sharing. I have been trying to find my style of art journaling...I comb the web looking at everyone's...I've yet to really dig into a journal and beautify it with art.

  11. Thanks Beth! Have a great time with art journaling and remember: don't let your inner critique spoil the fun!

  12. They're very beautiful and intricate!!:)

  13. Thank you Elaine! Please note that my blog has been moved to

  14. I got so tired of seeing all the art journals with drawings of those odd, big-eyed girls with pointy hats. Really??? I thought they were not very pretty - and I like pretty!!! Thank you for this!

  15. Nancy, thanks! Welcome to follow my blog at
    There's also a video about this book after it's finished:


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