Saturday, March 31, 2012

There's a Little Girl In All of Us

Have you ever wondered why women's faces are so popular theme in mixed media and collage? For example Suzi Blu's book Mixed Media Girls has not even published yet and it's already high in ranking at Amazon.

I know the answer why drawing faces is so popular. It is getting back to the state where women where little girls. I was not a big fan of dolls when I was a child but still - I loved my paper dolls. And I also drew faces on small pieces of paper and gave them names!

So no wonder I still draw faces occasionally when I want to be playful. This page is for my "Pretty Art Journal" and it is about women loving drama with historical costumes. "The drama stays the same even if the centuries vary" I wrote here and made the text be part of her hair!


  1. I love the details in your art! You really are very talented! I know it is so difficult to find the time when you have a day job...It's amazing that you can do this!

  2. Thanks, Samiq!! I do not have children so I have more spare time than most of the women at my age.


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