Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finnish Knitting Yarns

I have spent some quality time in the summer vacation by dyeing my Alku wool yarn.

Alku yarn

Alku is Finnish and means "origin". This really is a yarn whose origin I know exactly. The wool is from Eastern Finland and is selected by my friend who is really good at picking the best locks from the shearing. Then she took the gorgeous baby sheep wool locks to a local spinnery. It was a big day when we received the yarn. 

I have dyed yarn for many years and it has never felt so right as with this yarn. 
Here are some colorways I have created recently.

Real Finnish yarns

There's not many real Finnish yarns - the most of the wool for them is brought abroad or there's non-domestic sheep breeds like Texel mixed in it. And those we have often look very modest without any color. Most of the yarn is worsted (carded fiber, fluffier), not woolen (comber fiber, smoother). Superwash treatment is not available in the spinneries. The possibilities to mix other fibers like silk in the yarn is very limited. So Finnish knitters and shops buy foreign yarn.

What about my stash?

My stash is not totally domestic either. I do love those malabrigos, noros, sweet gerogias etc.

But I also knit from Finnish yarn, pure Finnish wool from Finnsheep or Kainuu Grey breeds. Here's a peek what I have among some others.

Back row, from left to right:
Hieno Finnsheep sock wool  (worsted) by Succaplokki
Kainuu Grey sock wool (worsted) by Christina's spinnery
Alku Kainuu Grey wool yarn (worsted) by Woolgrey, the yarn that I sell
Suupohja's Finnsheep wool yarn (woolen), not in production anymore as the spinnery has been shut down but some is still available with natural dyed tones at Pata-Noita
Maahinen Finnsheep wool yarn (worsted) by Riihivilla, dyed with natural dyes too
Front row:
Kainuu Grey wool yarn (worsted) by Ilu
Finnsheep wool yarn (woolen) by Kormu's sheep farm 

For the love of Finnish wool!

To celebrate the anniversary of the shop where I sell the Finnish wool and Alku yarn, I am giving 15 % off from all products there. The offer is available until 25th July. 

Go to and use coupon code JUHLA12 at the checkout.


  1. Hi there~ I found you through Lain's webinar and I'm looking forward to checking out more of your blog. I'm making my way to all the blogs us girls posted in the chat! I love to connect and meet more scrappy girls on the adventure of scrapbooking:)

  2. Thanks, Jody! Heading over to see your blog!


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