Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Still Playing?

I read this from the editor's column of the Finnish handcraft magazine Taito: The girls that make hobby horses and play with them did not want to be interviewed for the magazine. They thought that they would be considered too childish. The magazine is a very respectable one and it is an honor to be interviewed for it. Actually, many handcrafters dream about it!

But that was not the reason I was touched deeply by the fact why the girls refused. I love hobby horses. I do not own any now but used to when I was a little girl. I rode with my horse every day. And my best girlfriend had one too. I even made a scrapbook page about the horses a while ago.

I would have loved reading about this hobby and how it is today when it's easier to find others who love the horses too!

I was about to write to the magazine: "Try harder! Make the girls say yes!"

But then I remembered a moment, just few months ago, when I was interviewed to the very same magazine by the very same editor. She wanted to take photographs of the doll clothes I make and sell. "NO", I said. "People think I am crazy. They don't understand!"

My dolls must have been very upset by that. They are fashion models in their heart anyway!

I began to think where does the playing end and the serious stuff start. I remember that when my childhood friend and I grew, our play with the horses became more secretive. We tried to ride so that no one sees us. It became pretty stressful. We had to give up.

But the funny thing is that when I grew I went back to playing. And I know that most of you who read art and craft blogs have done the same.

If you don't collect the dolls like I do, I bet you have put clothes on an art doll, or a paper doll or a digital image. Maybe you have made illustrations with women's faces like when you used to as a child. We might not ride with the hobby horses anymore but we surely play in our own way. Picking the pretty colors, buying ink, making something that is really not that useful and where the end result actually does not matter so much.

Like what I did today. Cut a head of a fashion model from an old Vogue magazine and doodled a dress. Thinking: is the world of play black and white. I claim it is not. Whether a child or an adult, we all play. I hope the girls with the hobby horses realize this sooner than I did!

Tell me, how do you play? What makes you play?


  1. Such an interesting post! Lots of things to ponder...

  2. At 40 years old i picked up a pencil again and draw along with markers....colored pencils......paints....I wasted a good many years not playing....never again......hugs! deb

  3. I'm so happy my daughter has found hobby horses. Funny thing is that she was not at all interested about them when she was around three and I bought one for her. It stayed unused until two years ago... Now she has made several by herself and I'm so happy she has found this hobby. Several hand made horses are now living with us and I'm helping her to find the materials etc. but the design is always her.

    Personally I have not really given up sewing to barbie dolls... Although I let my daughter to play with them and most of them are her barbie doll's.

    I do hope my daughter would maintain her hobby horse stable many many years ahead. You do know that the new horse is not given to anybody to ride. They need to be trained firs :-).

  4. Kerttunenko, LOVE your daughter's hobby horse! Thanks for the great comment!
    Jan & Deb, thanks!

  5. I saw one of your paper drawings on Pinterest, I Love Your Artwork. I never had a Hobby Horse, but, I had plenty of other things to play with :) Now I am older I don't play enough, thank You for reminding me!
    Kerttunenko, You & Your Daughters Horse is Really Beautiful and Sweet!


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