Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting Creative With Gel Printing Plate

I have been playing with some new toys. Gelli Arts gel printing plate and an electronic die cutter Silhouette Cameo. I made background papers by using die cut shapes and several layers of paint.

This one could work as a pattern itself:

The next one is a bit brighter:
The last one is a collage that has monoprinted papers in the background.While making this I realized that my love for fiber arts really shows in many of my collages. I think is like embroidered lace. But that was not what I was thinking about when making this. I thought about the creativity we all have and that we should cherish. It's always there waiting. Just let loose!


  1. These are WONDERFUL! The top one is my favorite, but they're ALL great! :D Can I ask how you managed your layers? :D

  2. Thanks Mel and MRich! The layers are made by printing several times with the plate and changing the position of the die cut shapes each time. I started with fairly pale colors and ended with dark. Easy peasy!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm especially smitten with the last one. I just got a Gelli plate recently and I've only experimented with it a little bit. I am so inspired!

  4. Thanks, Kimberly! Have fun with the plate!!


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