Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's Cold in Finland!

A scrapbook page "With the Help of Wool"

This is my first 12 by 12 inches scrapbook page made for the Finnish scrapbooking challenge in Inspiroidu blog. The challenge was about ice, not very difficult subject if you consider the extremely cold weather that we have currently in Finland! The photo was taken this morning by my husband. I took the dogs for a walk and they wore knitted sweaters that I made years ago.


  1. Ihana sivu! Kuva on vallan hauska, ja muistamisen arvoinen näky : )

  2. Thank you - Kiitos! Kiva, että tykkäsit!

  3. Ihana kuva ja mukava kokonaisuus, tykkään noist alumihiutaleista kovasti

  4. Guess it is chilly in Finland? Take care.
    It's cold in Hong Kong too, to me, it's hard, as we get used to warm weather.....
    It's so hard to leave the bed and go to work in the morning =(

  5. Oioi, tykkään tästä sivusta kovasti, tosi ihanat värit ja lumihiutaleet ja valokuva on ihanan iloinen ja pirteä - noi koirien paidat on niin valloittavan suloiset!

  6. Thank you all! - Kiitos!

    Anny, it has been really cold! But at the same time incredibly beautiful, snow being so bright white!

    Anski, kiitos kommenteistasi! Kiva, että kirjoitit ja tykkäsit!

  7. Kiitos Päivi kauniista sanoista blogissani ;) Ihana sivu, upeasti vangittu tunnelma. Voi kun suloisia koiruleita kuvassa ;)


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