Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warm And Cold

My recent projects represent the contrasts. The first is a new folk bag in warm colors. The second is a custom order doll cardigan in cold colors.
In this bag I thought about sustainable living and growing vegetables from seeds. The bag is a combination of crochet, knitting and one of those fabrics I have designed myself.

The cardigan has a spring theme: snow, yellow-green and the first flowers of the season. I love those buttons, I was lucky to find them! I have hand dyed the colored yarns.


  1. Tosi kauniit värit näissä töissäsi!

  2. Suloinen tuo lapsen neuletakki ja ihanat värit.

  3. Kiitos Santra, thank you! I am currently working with the another one! Pictures soon!


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