Monday, March 14, 2011

Art Journaling With Bad Taste

I have many strict rules. Let's just say my mother was strict and I inherited the personality. However, there is a little rebel inside me. Today, I got this stupid idea of cutting letters from magazines and incorporate them to my art journal. I tried to get rid of the thought of ruining all my handmade papers by glueing cheap lettering on them.

If you have read art journaling literature you recognize that I had a conversation with my "Inner Critic". I strongly believe in inner criticism and I am actually pretty fond of my Inner Critic. She always knows what's best for me and the life with her is very simple: toss toss toss away... No second thoughts.

But today I had the day off from work and my Inner Critic was feeling lazy too. So I did it, grabbed the scissors and chose carelessly the words "Talo" (house) and "Valo" (light). It sounded like a small poem and suited to my mood as I was enjoying our new home and all the light that comes through its huge windows.

Needless to say the page did not really satisfy my Inner Critic. But as it was made to a Moleskine journal and it was difficult to tear the page off without breaking up the journal, she decided that the page would be treated as an evidence of bad taste that anybody can have in their weak moments.


  1. Wow, you really are critical of your work. I understand your reluctance to use "cheap" magazine letters but you have to admit that the result is fabulous. To me the whole point of art journaling is to have FUN! Your artistic eye is so present in this page, there is nothing "bad" in it! I hope you have more weak moments and let your critic have a long vacation! lol!

  2. Jessi, it is pathetic to be so critical, I admit. I try not to and art journal is a good place to practice. I am glad you liked the page. It has started to grow on me too within the time.

  3. if you dont like the letters perhaps you could use some metal wadding over them to tone them down a bit..personally I think your journal pages are fantastic and very colourful..

  4. Lorraine, great tip! I am glad you like my pages, thanks!


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