Thursday, March 17, 2011

Painted Pottery

It all started with the two flower pots that I found at the antique flea market. I found them so inspiring! Then it continued with the few drops of wood stain that were left in the jar after some home renovation. I made some patterned papers by combining the stain with the watercolor pencils. Then I had to scan them just to see how they looked like at the computer. And then it all got out of hand ...

I made a digital scrapbooking page about the pots.

But before that I made my own kit.

It is available for you for free. Just remember: just for personal pages, no commercial use, no alterations.


  1. You are the coolest!!! xox Congrats on the house and I have already been marking my new etsy faves!

  2. Thanks, Kittyj!! Your comment made my day!

  3. You know, Paivi, creativity just oozes from you! Beautiful!

  4. Thank you, Jessi! I do have felt really creative recently. Love your blog too!

  5. Hi Paivi! I just found your blog and just love your style and creativity. I tried to download the Painted Pottery file and the page wasn't found. Is it no longer available? Just started exploring your site, subscribed to your site and I'm really excited...thanks!!

  6. Hi Francwit, thanks! It is still available, the link has only got old. Please go to my new blog at, see the blog post there:


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