Saturday, March 19, 2011

Treasure Box

I needed a new, larger box for my handmade papers. First I went shopping to the shopping centre trying to find a suitable cardboard box. Did not like anything I saw. Then I went online to find a pretty tin container. Could not find one either. The world is full of boxes but nothing pleased me.

Finally I noticed a box on my shelf that I have got with a present and had not thrown it away because of its sturdiness. Well it only took a couple of hours to make the collage on the top!

Now when I open it, it is full of my little treasures. Pieces of papers that I have doodled on!


  1. I too have been looking for a box for my Mermaid drawings without sucess. You have inspired me to make one myself. Yours is stunning! And what treasures it does indeed hold!

  2. Thanks, Jessi!! I am so glad this inspired you too!


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