Sunday, October 23, 2011

Frugal Crafter's Guide To Hand Decorated Papers

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Sometimes I just want to overlook all the expensive materials and make art from plain and basic materials. While watching a video about embossing powders I got the idea of using color pencils as a resist for watercolor. So, if you are filled with ideas but hate to see instructions were special materials are required, this is just for you!

You only need
  • paper
  • at least one color pencil (basic one, not water soluble)
  • watercolors
Here's what you do

1) Grab a paper! I prefer quite thin (90 g/m2, 43 lbs) and smooth papers, but you can choose whatever you like or have.

2) Start doodling with the color pencil. You can use any color(s) you like but using white makes the result especially interesting, I think.

3) When you have filled the paper with your doodling, paint the paper with watercolors. Paint over the doodling! Use a lot of paint as we will wash some away in the next phase.

4) Let dry. Seriously. This is the only step where the patience is required.

5) Wash the paper with water. The idea is to get the color pencil strokes appear again. You may have to use the fingers to remove the color if you want a nice pastel background.

5) Let dry!

6) Here's my example. You can use papers for collages, cardmaking, bookcovers, all kinds of papercrafting!

Here are some of my experiments showing various colors of pens and paints.


  1. A-MAZING!!
    I as well go nuts when I see posts that require me to mortgage my home to buy supplies.
    Thank you from the bottom of my water-colour 'lovin heart!

  2. Kiitos ideasta! Eipä tarvita monimutkaisia kommervenkkeja - kokeiltava on :)

  3. Pirle, kiitos kommentista, thank you!! (Olethan huomannut, että blogistani on suomenkielinen versio osoitteessa - samat jutut, mutta suomeksi!)

  4. Great...idea = ) thank you for sharing = )

  5. Hi Paivi! Love your blog! And your artistic talent! Although my blog deals primarily with painted furniture/acrylics I first started out in watercolors/mixed media, so this tutorial really speaks to my heart! I am now your newest follower so I won't miss a beat :D Stop over and see me if you get a chance. I'm off now to go and find you on Twitter. Take Care!

  6. Thanks so much, Mary!! Followed you back on Twitter!

  7. Great papers! Its all about experimenting!

  8. Wow...I think I could do this!!! Your blog is so interesting and the colors just wow me!

  9. Thanks! Surely you can do it, just grab your pencils and turn the music on!


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