Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wool Fool

I am crazy about the wool my friend gets from the area where I lived as a child. I can't help buying it, dyeing it, spinning it, selling it. It is a part of my life nowadays. And the fact that my friend is equally obsessed with it makes it even better. I am not the only wool fool in the world.

I dye the wool with acid dyes but my friend uses natural ingredients she picks from the nature. The colors are softer and they all look great together.

Industrial dyes, natural dyes or no dyes at all, the wool is wonderful!


  1. I love the soft colors, so poetic and beautiful!

  2. Kainuunharmas on minullekin mieleinen :)

  3. Pirle, kiva kuulla! Nice to hear that you like Kainuu grey sheep wool too!


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