Monday, October 31, 2011

Playing With Polymer Clay

Remember when I wrote: "I realized that the best shop I can ever find is the one I am able to keep for myself"? The blog post was all about not to shop so much but make the stuff used in crafting from the very beginning.

Last weekend I realized my storage of handmade buttons was running low. I am not very skillful in polymer clay, but it has never prevented me playing with it! And I love the look of messy, handmade stuff that goes so well with my hand decorated papers.

To make my little "art shop for me" to be perfect, I sewed some to my handmade backgrounds, just like they would be for sale in a real shop. Looking at these makes me so happy! There's so much we can do without spending almost anything but time!


  1. Those are lovely! We made some buttons with shrinkie dinks and they were so easy and fun- although I don't think that you would be able to paint on them. What are you going to make with them???

    1. You have to paint shrinky dinks first!

  2. Your buttons are awesome! I might try this myself! Thanks for the inspiration! Any tips on how to?

  3. Thanks, Katie and Monika! I am going to use the buttons for papercrafting projects, like scrapbook pages. Monika, if you want to invest some, buy a small set of circle cutters. I used knitting needle for the holes.

  4. These are FANTASTIC!!
    Thank you for sharing... wow! :]

  5. i love the way these came out... did you just mush around poymere clay and then roll it and cut it and punch it and then bake it? I have never played with that before so I was hoping that you can tell me the step by step. Your art is fabulous... love your fabrics.

  6. Thanks, Lindsay! Yes, I just softened the clay in my hands, then rolled it and bunched it and baked! I used knitting needle for the holes. Not complicated at all! For rolling you can use any round tube or pasta machine. I have pasta machine and I use it quite often when working with polymer clay.

  7. Do you use a specific type of paint or do you just use the "wood" paint you can find at walmart? Also, do you gloss them afterwards (think painting a clear coat after you paint your nails)? Thanks!

  8. Jake and Danica, I did not use paint, all the colors you seen on the buttons are made by mixing polymer clays. And yes, some of them were glossed afterwards. Happy crafting!


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