Sunday, April 1, 2012

Faberge Revisited

Now is the time to grab those handmade patterned papers and make your own Faberge eggs! I used the smallest scraps here!

I begun with styrox egg and covered it with gesso. After the gesso had dried I glued the paper scraps with matte medium. Then I drew few extra doodles on it and added some faux jewels.

The stand is made from used tealight candle tin. I covered it with paper and added a decorated ribbon on it.

You can't have too many details here! The more the better!

Have a creative Easter!


  1. Wow Paivi, I just found you and I think that your patterned papers are beautiful and inspiring! I will be trying some myself. Thank you for the beauty and creativity.

  2. Shelly, thanks so much for your lovely comment!

  3. Really BEAUTIFUL papers and egg!!!! Thanks!


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