Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nature's Symmetry

I wanted to make an ornament that could be used as a starting point of fabric design. I usually begin to make an ornament by defining it's structure. The idea I had in mind this time was to create a long ornament where various elements are lined symmetrically. Symmetrically! I am not a big fan of symmetry, most of the times I find it a bit too conventional and boring.

Here's my end result. It is symmetrical but still not quite. I think it goes well with the plant theme. Even if the plants grow symmetrically, there's still some variation.

I made this card few days ago (available at Etsy) and its also a good example of rough symmetry. I especially like the black random plots on blue petals.


  1. Hi Paivi: Found you through The Queen of Creativity. I too am a fan of rough symmetry and particularly assymetry. Love your opulent colors.

  2. Thanks, Sandi! Great to have another mixed media artist as a follower!

  3. Hi Paivi, I found you through Pinterest. I am bowled over by your vibrant colours combinations! bye for now Jane


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