Friday, April 27, 2012

Painting With Wool

For a long time I have believed that the most valuable things are those that you can make yourself from start to finish. The question is only, where to start. This project was a very special one as I started with natural white wool. I had the idea of painting with fiber and I thought I could take a layered approach as what I have done with papers. 

My first step was to dye the wool by painting colors over it. Here's one of the rovings I dyed.

Then I spun the wool.

Here's some of the finished yarn. With spinning I added "painted" layers.

Then I chose the pattern. I could have designed it myself but I find so perfect one I decided to go with it. It's Stockport by Sarah Hutton from Rowan magazine nr 46. I chose to make mine it a little longer to really show off the yarn.

When knitting the sweater I made random stripes, another layer of paint. I think that the result really proves that the layered look can be done with fiber too!


  1. What a treasure! It is just gorgeous!!

  2. So very beautiful!!! Do you spin on a Majacraft Rose? I spin on a Rose but my whorl looks a little different.

  3. I love your vest! Beautiful colors.

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comments! Lynn, yes my wheel is Majacraft Rose and I love iit!

  5. You did a lovely job, beautiful shades.


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